Books & Exhibition Catalogues

Craft Schools: Where We Make What We Inherit (forthcoming from Schiffer Publishing, 2024)

Designing Motherhood: Things That Make and Break Our Births (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2021)

Seven Artist Interviews (Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, 2020)

Bright, Bold, and Beautiful: The Rainbow Flag (New York: MoMA, 2019)

Designs for Different Futures (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2019)

I Will What I Want: Women, Design, Empowerment (Mexico City: Torjana Editions, 2018)

Collaborations and their Discontents: Collaboration in Contemporary Art & Architecture (London: The Courtauld Institute of Art Press Online, 2017)

Items: Is Fashion Modern? (New York: MoMA, 2017)

LVMH x MoMA (New York: MoMA, 2017)

Design and Violence (New York: MoMA, 2015)

Collection entries for Donald Judd, Catherine Opie, Anthony Caro, Liz Nofziger (Manchester, NH: Currier Museum of Art Collections, 2014)

Collection entries for Lyle Ashton Harris, Jiro Takamatsu, Eduardo Paolozzi, Serge Poliakoff, Pablo Palazuelo. (New York: The Solomon R. Guggenheim Collections, 2012)
Chapters & Essays

“‘The Principles of Modern Architecture Are ___: Arthur Drexler and the Museum as Classroom,” in Sara Torres and Wendy Woon (eds.), Art Education as a Radical Act: Mining the Victor D’Amico Papers (forthcoming Bloomsbury, 2024)

Catalog Essay: Birke Gorm (forthcoming Phileas, 2024)

Preface for Jo Ann Rothschild’s The Book of Penis! (forthcoming 2024)

Catalog Essay: Berea Broomcraft (forthcoming 2024)

“Labor Organizing in Museums,” Inequality as Practice, Goethe Institute Belgrade (forthcoming, fall 2023)

“Birth Places: From the Bedroom to the Hospital and Back Again,” AA Files, (forthcoming fall 2023)

Catalog essay: “Not Despite But Because: Reframing Faith as Part of Reproductive Justice,” in Deeply Rooted: Faith in Reproductive Justice, Brandeis University (November, 2023)

Catalog essay: Roseanne Somerson (November, 2023)

Catalog Essay: “Care/Work: Tabitha Arnold’s Art and Labor,” Workers Arts and Heritage Center, Canada (September 2023)

Sisters are Doing it for Themselves,” Vestoj, spring 2023 

“Domesticating Abortion,” HMWRK, Yale School of Architecture, spring 2023

Essental Labor,” Panorama: Journal of the Association of Historians of American Art, spring 2023

“Becky Suss: Home Studio,” (New York: Jack Shainman Gallery, 2022)

“Shelter in Place Gallery and the History of Radical Miniatures in Contemporary Art,” in Interiors in the Era of Covid-19 (Bloomsbury Press, 2023)

“The Tie-Waist Skirt,” in 10 Objects that Defined the American Body (forthcoming Yale University Press, 2022)

“An Interview with Helina Metaferia,” in Generations: Helina Metaferia (Boston: Praise Shadows Gallery, 2021)

“Li Hongwei: Contemporary Chinese Ceramic Sculpture,” in Li Hongwei monograph (Boston: Pucker Gallery, 2021)

“Ann Ray’s Lee McQueen,” in Rendez-vous: Ann Ray and Alexander Lee McQueen (Barrett Barrera Projects, 2021)

“Making Designing Motherhood: Midwifing Equity Inside and Outside of Museums,” in Nico Wheadon, On Museum Citizenship: A Toolkit for Radical Art Practice, Pedagogy and Participation (Rowman and Littlefield, 2021)

“In the Company of the Past,” in Jennifer Zwilling, ed., From Storage to Studio (The Clay Studio, 2019)

“Spaces of Craft,” in Glenn Adamson, ed., Craft Capital: Philadelphia’s Cultures of Making (CraftNOW, 2019).

“Work Becomes Play: Toy Design, Creative Play, and Unlearning in the Bauhaus Legacy,” in Megan Brandow-Faller, ed., Childhood by Design: Toys and the Material Culture of Childhood, 1700–present (London: Bloomsbury Press, 2018)

“Planning for the Next Million People: Exploring Collaboration in Architecture, Planning, and Urban Renewal in California, 1935-1965,” in Collaborations and their Discontents: Collaboration in Contemporary Art & Architecture (London: The Courtauld Institute of Art Press Online, 2017).
Journal Articles, Reviews & Op-Eds

Beau McCall blurb, Fuller Craft Museum (forthcoming 2024)

“On the MFA’s Please Be Seated program,” Craft Quarterly (forthcoming fall 2023)

BOMB magazine: Jenny Polak (forthcoming 2024)

BOMB magazine: Yvette Mayorga (forthcoming fall 2023)

“Pippa Garner’s Wacky Package” for PIN-UP (December 2023)

Boston Art Review: Jo Ann Rothschild interview (with Anna Nasi) (November, 2023)

BOMB magazine: Tabitha Arnold (November, 2023)

Reflections on Haystack 2023, Fiber Art Now magazine (October, 2023)

BOMB magazine: Jennifer Ling Datchuk (September 2023)

BOMB magazine: Desmond Lewis interview (July 2023)

Who Writes Craft Histories?” for the MA in Critical Craft Studies Papers, Warren Wilson College, NC, summer 2023

Photography into Palimpsest: In Conversation with Toni Pepe,” Boston Art Review (December 2022)

Julia Phillips: Giving form to the attachment and ambivalence of motherhood,, September 2022

Birth Furniture: An Illustrated History,” MIT Reader, April 2022

Care and Birth Advocacy: A Midwife’s Own Story and Maternity Care Coalition,” ArtHx at Princeton University, March 2022

A Place We Build Together: Francis Kéré,” Walker Art Reader, March 2022

‘A Beach Ball in an Unmade Bed’: How the tie-waist skirt revolutionized maternity wear,” Slate, October 2021

Matrilineages,” Dear Friend, September 2021

There is No Neutral Exhibition Space,” Biodesigned, July 2020

A Land of Their Own: Meadow Muska.” Aperture, April 2020

Why Are Museums So Plutocratic, and What Can We Do About It? An interview with Andrea Fraser,” frieze, February 2020

A Fucking Raw Deal: Designing Motherhood the All-American Way,” Vestoj, December 2019

“2019: The Year According to Art + Museum Transparency,” Walker Reader, December 2019

The Opposite of Matresence,” Riposte, November 2019

If Culture Sector Employers Want Equality, Post Salary and Benefits with Job Descriptions,” Hyperallergic, October 2019

Designing Different Futures,” Fine Print Magazine, September 2019

“Culture Workers, Just Say No to All Unpaid Internships,” ArtNews, July 2019

Mission statements and paychecks: let’s put our money where our mouths are,” The Art Newspaper, June 2019

Parenting and Labor in the Art World: A Call to Arms,” Hyperallergic, May 9, 2019

“‘The Most Fascinating and Well-Designed Artifacts of Our Time’: Collecting and Exhibiting Contemporary Guns in the Art Museum.” Journal of Visual Culture, Themed Issue: Armed/Unarmed: Guns in American Visual and Material Culture, Volume 17 Number 3, December 2018: 272-285

African-American Designers Hidden in Plain Sight,” Hyperallergic, December 31, 2018

Accessible Worlds: Jillian Mercado and Aimi Hamraie,” Walker Art Reader, December 2019

Acknowledging the Intellectual Labor of Curators in a Museum,” Hyperallergic, July 31, 2018

“By the People: Designing a Better America, The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian National Design Museum,” Exhibition review, Journal of Design History. Volume 31, Issue 2, 25, May 2018: 213–216

Review of,”, May 2018

Black Fashion: Talking About the New Breed with Howard Davis,” MoMA Medium, February 2018

Acting AS IF: On Trench Coats, Tracksuits, and the Counterfeit Self,” Vestoj, January 2018

Co-author (with Paola Antonelli), “Brooklyn Rail Critics Page: On Fashion,” Brooklyn Rail, March 2017

Talking About Plus-Size Fashion: Michelle Millar Fisher and Stephanie Kramer in conversation with Lauren Downing Peters and Clare Sauro,” MoMA Medium, January 2017

Highlights from Lagos Fashion and Design Week: Is Nigeria the epicenter of the fashion and design world?” MoMA Medium, December 2016

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Notes on What We Hide at Work,” Art 21, June 2016

Hardcore Architecture: Justin Blinder,” with Public Collectors, 2016

If Not Museums, Then Where?” Adding Ancient Algorithms and New Biological Futures to MoMA’s Collection,” MoMA Inside/Out, July 2015

Actions Speak Louder than Words? Debating the Internet, Open Wide,” MoMA Inside/Out, June 2015

MoMA Acquires the Rainbow Flag,” MoMA Inside/Out, June 2015

Is This for Everyone? New Design Acquisitions at MoMA,” MoMA Inside/Out, March 2015

Designing Life: Synthetic Biology and Design,” MoMA Inside/Out, December 2014

Welcoming New Humble Masterpieces Into MoMA’s Design Collection,” MoMA Inside/Out, December 2014

Design and Violence: One Year Later,” MoMA Inside/Out, October 2014

Nothing is Transmissible but Thought: Le Corbusier’s Radiant Farm Made Real,” Society of Architectural Historians Online, July 2014

Why Digital Art History?Journal of Visual Resources, Vol. 30, No. 2, June 2014

“This Is for Everyone,” Twentieth Anniversary of the World Wide Web Online Publication, May 2014

“Helen Frankenthaler at Bernard Jacobson Gallery,” Exhibition review, ARTnews, May 2014 (various entries), March 2014-19

“dOCUMENTA 13, Kassel, Germany,” Exhibition review, SECAC Review, XLIV, December 2013

A Shared Ethics for Museum Internships,” Museum 2.0, December 2013

Nuanced Failure and Urban Space,Art 21, December 2013

Sharing is Caring, and Canny,” Art 21, November 2012

Co-editor, “Reconsidering Historiography 1900–1960,” Collected conference papers included in the Journal of Art Historiography, No. 5, December 2011

Co-author (with Dirk H. Breiding), “Armed to the Teeth,” The Metropolitan Museum of Art, December 2011

Warhol, Halston, & Hugo: Benjamin Liu Interview,” Oral History Initiative, ARTWRIT, fall 2011

Open Enrollment | What up, Internet? Saxophonist Throws Mad Wrenches in Capitalism’s Machinations,” Art21, March 2011

“Second Suburb: Levittown, Pennsylvania by Dianne Suzette Harris,” Book review, West 86th: A Journal of Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture, Vol. 18, No. 1, Chicago: University of Chicago Press and Annandale-on-Hudson: Bard Graduate Center, Spring–Summer 2011, 119–21

Song Dong,” Slashstroke Magazine, 2010.