Student evaluations are tricky – they’re entirely subjective, and often don’t really reflect on detailed aspects of the class content, instead connecting enjoyment of the course to their final grade and ease of learning the material. However, on the flip side, I teach many, many incredibly smart students who know exactly what they want out of a course and can articulate their satisfaction and disappointment clearly. I strive to meet them halfway in terms of making the courses I teach rewarding, challenging, and interesting.

Fall 2015

What were the most effective aspects of this course [Design and Violence]?

• The course itself to me was fascinating. I think that the subject matter allowed an open end for students to look at real world issues …. Before I had never truly thought about violent design, or how it was applied, but now realize how relevant it is.

• I felt I’ve learned more from this course then I have in a class for a long time. The final assignment was a perfect exercise to think about what design and violence could be and an amazing way to learn how to interact with very qualified people and ask for their time. Michelle coached us through the whole process. No assignments were extra or tedious.

• The necessity of its existence; this subject matter is rarely dealt with inside of art school; we are so rarely encouraged to self-reflect, self-criticize, but also to reflect on and critically engage other external works, and examine the intersections of design and other disciplines, as well as examine the consequences of design. And having Michelle as a teacher made it fun and exciting to talk about these things.

• Very engaging subject, very engaging teacher, a refreshing course, especially with the near weekly talks/outings we would have which clearly required a great deal of coordination from the teacher

Please comment on your instructor’s teaching effectiveness:

• Every class was very well structured and her presentations were very interesting. The class was fun and compelling and her feedback was extremely useful.

• She made everyone feel intelligent and like they could speak in class without forcing students who were a little shy. I really loved getting to know Michelle and the material and I will genuinely miss her knowledge.

• Nothing but good things to say about Michelle. The topics and articles that she chose for each subject were thought provoking not just as a designer, but as someone who would appreciate being more aware of some of the issues discussed going into the future. There was a lot to cover, and she used her time wisely, as well as allowing us to engage in conversation with whatever guest speaker stopped by.

• Michelle is very respectful with everyone and her motivation while teaching is quite clear. She tried so hard to make the hard so interesting by bringing lecturers, giving presentations, field trips, etc, that learning the subject and class participation came naturally rather than something that is more forced like in other classes.

• Michelle is a motivator; a teacher; a resource. I have never been treated by a teacher the way I have been taught by Michelle. She is patient with us while keeping us on top of our game, and pushes us to collaboratively work towards a better knowledge of what we are interested in and what we can develop. The course dealt with heavy and sometimes dense topics, but Michelle’s handle on them, with her presentations, her wit, and her willingness to spend extra time explaining, was really instrumental in making this course as wonderful as it was. I am grateful for and thankful to Michelle for her willingness to help, her eagerness to discuss with us, her faith in our abilities, and her respect for our persons.

Summer 2013

Please give feed back on the course. [Three-day course for high school & college students at the Frick Collection, “Painting, Identity & Modernity”]

– I really, really enjoyed the class–most of the time at a museum I kind of end up just taking all the art at face value, but taking so much time to dissect one or two works and fully contextualize them was really great.

– I am very glad to have signed up for this class. The works we looked at were beautiful and the conversations curated by Michelle were stimulating and densely historical and entertaining as well.

– Very engaging and interesting series of classes. Michelle was really excellent at making everyone feel that they had worthwhile contributions. I was impressed with her ability to answer further enquiries about the works/artists/time period.

– Fascinating narratives and conversations involving several artworks which have similarities and contrasts. The instructor is good at inducing participations and leading the directions of the discussion.

Spring 2013

What were the most effective aspects of this course [Critical Reading and Writing II]?

– First semester, I thought this class was almost useless and wished I was able to take a different English course. Having Michelle, I really enjoyed the class. Her enthusiasm as a teacher and her effort in going out of her way to make the class as enjoyable was something I found most effective. Not sticking word for word for the syllabus and incorporating things we wanted to learn (i.e. bring in career services to talk to us a little bit more about resumes and cover letters) was helpful and made class time seem very useful. Field trips and assignments outside of class were effective because we weren’t stuck in a room for 3 hours. Instead, we were out learning.

– The most effective aspects were the slow process she gave us to writing an appropriate essay and the ways of doing footnotes, bibliographies, punctuation, etc. Even though those things are pretty simple she helped us break it down and perfect it.

Please comment on your instructor’s teaching effectiveness [Critical Reading and Writing II]

– Most effective. One of my favorite teachers. Sincere, challenging, polite, and fun.

– Very well prepared, makes the class fun by spending time out of the class.

– Michelle is such a great teacher! She is very enthusiastic and also very understanding about our stresses. She’s more than helpful and very flexible about deadlines. She’s also very informed about art history and writing and she makes a dry class very fun. I will miss her British classroom dearly!

– Michelle is not only a wonderful person but an amazing teacher as well. She understands her students and tries her best to provide the best possible learning experience for us. What makes her an amazing teacher is that although she is very respectful and understanding, she keeps her rules very strictly and professionally.

– She is a great teacher, very enthusiastic and understanding. She is very approachable which makes the class much more enjoyable and fun even though the topic is boring. Loved this class and the teacher.

Fall 2012

What were the most effective aspects of this course [Perspectives in World Art & Design I]?

– She used both the textbook and provided outside source material to enhance the course

– The entire course was made fun by Michelle is it was obvious that she loved her job. She would come to every class with a smile on her face and leave with one as well. She gave us quizzes that would allow us to remember information easily. Which was very effective.

– She gave us other ways of learning what we had to, for example videos from the BBC or other highly informational videos about history.

– The image quizzes helped me to remember interesting facts about ancient culture and ancient art.

– That Michelle was always willing to help and make time for us, which most professors don’t do. She bends backwards to help us as students learn better.

– The teacher

– The instructor’s use of materials outside of the art history text book.

– Going to the Met and talking as a class.

– Instructor’s enthusiasm and passion. She motivated and helped all of us to do our best in class and she also provided extended research sources, which we could find more about specific subjects that were discussed in class.

– The most effective aspects of this coarse was the enthusiasm and knowledge the professor had and how she was ready to teach and rooting for each student to succeed.

Please comment on your instructor’s teaching effectiveness [Perspective in World Art & Design I]:

– She is very enthusiastic and reasonable. She is willing to spend her own time to help students which is very refreshing

– She was incredibly effective

– I absolutely loved coming to class and being taught by Michelle. She was very excited about teaching and I really felt that, and it made me excited about learning the information she had to offer. One of my favorite classes this semester.

– She was very helpful and very willing to help any student that needed help, she was very warm and kind to everyone.

– She was very effective on getting everyone to understand it by having us discuss and explain what we were describing

– The teacher was amazing! She made the subject interesting and made me want to learn about it and do my best. I learned so much from her and actually enjoyed it.

– Michelle is a fabulous instructor. I have never enjoyed a history class before this one and I fully believe it is due to Michelle’s teaching. I would take any course she ever taught. She was clear and kept the course material interesting. I especially enjoyed her use of outside materials such as PBS Nova videos about objects and A History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil MacGregor. She was amazing and I always looked forward to her class (even though it was at 9am and I hate waking up early.)

– Michelle was my favorite teacher out of all of the courses I have taken. She was very friendly and had a lot of knowledge about her work and was not only ready to teach but ready to learn from the students. I enjoyed learning in this class.