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The first MIT Media Lab Summit devoted to designKnotty Objects will gather designers, scientists, engineers, makers, writers, curators, and scholars around the discussion of four complex and omnipresent objects, along with the rich stories they can tell. The objects–brick, bitcoin, steak, and phone–will become lenses through which we examine the transdisciplinary nature of contemporary design. I’m excited to be a part of organizing this event.

DAAD Summer Language Fellowship in Berlin, July/August 2012

Artspeech at MoMA, New York

“What is “art speech” and how does it function and change across contexts, as art practice, interpretive gesture, vehicle of critique or …

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April 2011 Reconsidering Historiography 1900-1960, Art History Graduate Student Symposium, The CUNY Graduate Center, NY

My great colleague and fellow architectural historian Sam Sadow and I organized this graduate student conference. Collected papers were later included in the Journal of Art Historiography Number 5, December 2011.

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March 2011 The Now Museum Symposium

The New Museum, NY

Paper: When is an artist not an artist? Artists, Museum Education, and Hierarchies of Contemporaneity.

I also wrote about this conference/summed up my paper there for Art21.