In spring 2020 I collaborated with friend and colleague Nikki Columbus, as colleagues at both CUNY’s James Gallery and the Vera List Center to create Art • Work • Place. Pre-pandemic, it was originally planned as a two-day summit on efforts to create a just and equitable workplace in the art world—union organizing at museums, protests against toxic philanthropy, challenges to institutional racism, and lawsuits against sexual harassment and gender discrimination. But the current health emergency drastically changed our conversations and needs. The online forum instead focused on the immediate moment, sharing concrete information and ideas: What is happening to workers at art institutions across the country? What coalition groups have been formed for solidarity and support? What are our strategies going forward?

Part 1 (held April 7) can be viewed here.

Part 2 (held May 6) can be viewed here.

Part 3 (held June 16) can be viewed here.