Courtauld Books Online. Peer-reviewed. Edited by Meredith A. Brown and Michelle Millar Fisher, with contributions by Claire Bishop, Andrianna Campbell, David Kennedy Cutler, Andrea Geyer, Sharon Hayes, Liz Magic Laser, Richard Meyer, Alexander Nemerov, Ileana L. Selejan, and others.

Collaboration has been a component of art making for centuries—from ancient Greek potters and painters to nineteenth-century photographers Hill and Adamson to the contemporary Raqs Media Collective—yet it remains a complex topic for art historians of all periods. Taking its cue from Sigmund Freud’s 1929 publication, Civilization and its Discontents, in which the psychoanalyst wrestled with tensions between the individual and society, Collaboration and its (Dis)Contents: Art, Architecture, and Photography since 1950 asks what it means to produce work together as individuals and why this might matter for the creation of art and scholarship in the twenty-first century.